For a first-time visitor to Diani Beach, figuring out what to pack and what to leave out can be a daunting task.


A seemingly easy task, like trying to figure out what to pack and what to leave out for your beach vacation can send your head spinning, especially if you intend to travel light and on a budget. 

But if you have been to any beach destination then you definitely have an idea. But even then, there is the factor of seasons and even geographical location differences.  That’s why we have decided to draft this list for first-time visitors to Diani Beach to make your experience a bit better. The items in our list are randomly prioritized and they include:


Light Clothing 


Light Clothing for Diani Beach

Naturally, the beach calls for light clothing. A few t-shirts, shorts or a few light dresses for ladies,  swimwear and sunglasses would do the trick. But it’s always advisable to check the weather first and prepare accordingly.  

As a lady, you’d also want to bring a nice dress or dress clothes for an evening out at dinner or sightseeing walks. The same goes for gents to bring along one or two pairs of comfortable shorts or pants and three comfortable shirts. Most hotels in Diani do have laundry facilities on-site but you can always check to be sure if the hotel you’ll be staying in has the facilities.


Sunscreen & Sunglasses


Sunscreen & Sunglasses for Diani Beach

Diani Beach and by extension the East African Coast is extremely tropical. Temperate & warm all year round and it can get intensely hot and humid during the day.  And with the sudden change of your usual environment during the trip, the sun can get very unfriendly with your skin. And that’s why you need a good sunscreen in your packing list. 


Other items to pair with this, especially for ladies, is a pair of sunglasses to help shade your eyes and a large brimmed hat to protect your face, eyes, and ears. Besides, you shouldn’t have to go back home with your skin peeling off – from a trip to Africa’s best beach destination.


Sandals or Flip-flops 


Carry Sandals to Diani Beach

Vacations are meant for relaxation – that goes for your feet too. Sandals are ideal to walk through the grainy sand at the beach. Bring along one pair of comfortable walking shoes, water shoes, and sandals or flip-flops. Anything else is extraneous.


Swimming costumes


Even if you’re not sure if you will be swimming or better yet, don’t know how to, remember to carry your swimwear or you will be left at the mercy of beach hawkers who sell and ‘rent’ these items at higher prices with no guarantee that you’ll get your size. Bring along at least two swimsuits, one that you can wear and put on when it’s dry and another that can be drying while you’re enjoying the pool or spending time at the beach.


Your Camera ( or Your Smartphone Camera)


Carry a camera to the beach

Nowadays, a holiday without a camera, may not be as fulfilling. Even if you don’t want to take photos of yourself, you may come across something interesting and there is nothing more exciting for a trip than capturing the rarest of moments. 

More often than not, your regular smartphone camera allows you to take some pretty decent shots, so that shouldn’t be a big hustle. However, if you use a digital still camera with a rechargeable battery, remember to carry your power charger pack and/or a power bank. The same goes for your smartphone. Without a doubt, you can access power in all hotels at Diani. 


Bonus Point:  An easy attitude and an open mind.  As with every adventure anywhere in the world, an easy-going attitude will get you far because you’ll meet a lot of people and experience some very unfamiliar cultures, but that only adds up to the whole experience if you have an open mind. With that being said, you are well on your way to a fabulous holiday in  Diani Beach.

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