Welcome to Diani, Africa’s leading beach destination, as voted by the World Travel Awards for six years in a row since 2014

Located on the south coast of Kenya, Diani boosts of a magnificent 25km beach stretch whose life blossoms into something the body feels as much as the soul, her waters stretch out freely, flaunting white sands and smooth oceans waves welcoming the blue sky and sun rays to a celebration of freedom, love and great memories.

Her weather calm as it is warm brings with it the conduciveness required for the beach life – Laughter, bare foot dances, wind tousled hair, water sports, name it, Diani offers her pleasures seamlessly for all your desires.

Diani’s economy is anchored on the hospitality industry – being a leading tourist destination, Diani has a wide array of accommodation facilities to cater for all travel budgets from the economy tourist to the top of the top, the likes of Angelina Jolie, Jose Mourihno and other celebrities who occasionally tour Diani beach.



The beauty of Diani as a tourist destination includes the activities to indulge in. From Sky Diving to sea diving, sight seeing to wild safaris, desires to memories, deep sea fishing to kite and wind surfing, Diani has it all in a way few destinations can match in Africca.

Diani’s proximity to the Shimba Hills National Reserve, home of the Sable Antelope (rare species only found here) enables you to tour the wild life with the options of sleeping in the park or back to Diani beach.

Besides the reserve, Diani’s ocean line streches to the Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park which is endowed with a rich aqua life so much so the dolphins accompany you for a swim sensually flaunting their moves as though in a bid to seduce you.

People & Culture


Diani boosts of a vibrant culture drawn from the different communities and nations who live here – Despite the cultural mix that Diani boosts of, the indigenous locals culture remains alive, known for their warmness and accommodative nature the locals hold visitors in high regard as visitors are believed to be a source of blessings.

Hospitality to the locals is a way of life – whenever a visitor comes around they don’t hold back, they go out of their way to be as hospitable as possible. This normally presents a perfect time to show case their outstanding culinary arts, famed as the best across the country.

As vibrant as the culture, so is the night life, as the sun fades away, Diani transcends to become the life of the party. Endowed with various night clubs and great music, her people rise to the occasion with unreserved energy making the most of each moment, this is how memories are made here.



Home to the Diani Art Gallery which houses works of Africa’s greatest Artists.

Besides the Art Gallery, the local heritage which was influenced by cultural interaction between the locals and Arabs has seen the establishment of an industry dedicated to creating artistic items and furniture.

The creative space in Diani remains a great tourist attraction due to its uniqueness and rich heritage.

Wine and Dine


What’s a vacation without the wine and dine experience?

Diani’s wine and dine experience reminds me of the words of Ernest Hemingway, “As I ate the oysters with their strong taste of the sea and their faint metallic taste that the cold white wine washed away, leaving only the sea taste and the succulent texture, and as I drunk their cold liquid from each shell and washed it down with the taste of the wine, I lost the empty feeling and began to be happy and make plans”

Wining and dining goes beyond being a food affair here, it’s a fellowship that let’s you savor 400 years heritage of local cuisines and just like wine, it keeps getting better with time. Imagine experiencing how taste buds felt 400 years ago – Diani brings with her variety as wild as she gets, from the local cuisine to international ones, she is the cuisine capital of the coast.


Diani will write memories inside your heart
in ways words can’t explain – she will turn you on and leave her soul with you

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