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Frequently Asked Questions about Diani Beach Deals

There are over 10 Diani beach deals for this weekend. The best deals includes the Neptune Hotels all-inclusive packages, Baobab deal and the special rate from Diani Reef Beach Resort & Spa.

The average rate for a decent night stay in Diani beach is 5,000KES ($50). You can also find good hotels with only 3,000 KES ($30) and the range can go up to 30,000KES ($300) for luxury stays depending on your budget

The Most affordable hotels in Diani include Manyatta Resort & Apartments, Diplomat Diani Beach Resort, Papillon Lagoon Reef and Retro Boutique Hotel.

The best deal for couples in Diani beach is the 4 night’s special deal from Diani Sea Lodge.

There are many platforms & travel agents with a robust selection of holiday packages for Diani. The most reliable source is visitdiani.com/deals. This is because we live in Diani and we able to consistently negotiate the best rates for you.