Water sports have become part of what defines Diani beach, on neat tides, not a day goes without tens of wave and surf rides  across the ocean


Water sports have become part of what defines Diani beach, on neat tides, not a day goes without tens of wave and surf rides across the ocean. Alike other water sports it is thrilling and exhilarating however unlike most it requires total physical and psychological presence as it combines multiple skills to coordinate cruising the board, alignment with the wind, water waves and balancing the body. A lapse in control in any of these factors can easily curtail your wave ride however this risk is over compensated tenfold in thrill and in physical exercise. This probably explains why it is the fastest growing water sport globally.

Kite Surfing in Diani Beach

Though an extreme sport, it isn’t as risky compared to other “extreme sports”, actually, it’s a sport you can learn by yourself just like it is the case with driving however no sane human will ride with you.

There are several kite surfing schools in Diani, among those KiteMotion and The Kenya Kite Water Sports have established themselves as the leading service providers in kite surfing, top of the top kite surfing gear, surfing skills and most importantly an everyday smile. This reputation and the adventure that is kite surfing has seen tourists cancel their safaris just to spend more of their holiday time surfing – I didn’t know being clingy was a thing of sports man! Seems like it won’t be a good idea to combine soaring kites with a clingy lover.

Kite surfing schools offer different variety of trainings for beginners but also for advanced surfers. Based on an individual capacity learning kite surfing can take a shorter or longer period but the standard is 6-7 hours.

Kite Surfing in Diani Beach

Besides training, one can also hire kite surfing for the entire day and go surf by themselves, that is if they are qualified to do so. For those hiring the gear it comes with a rescue plan just in case of emergencies or accidents.


Cost implications.

  • For training the cost is 50 USD or Ksh 5,000 per hour inclusive of surfing gear.
  • For those hiring equipment to surf by themselves it costs 60 USD or Ksh 6,000 for 8 hours.
  • Get yourself self a comfortable swimwear and sunscreen.


Benefits of Kite Surfing.

  • It’s a perfect sport for burning calories across the entire body as it works both upper and lower body muscles – perfect way to tone your body on holidays especially on those wellness vacations.
  • Perfect for improving concentration, coordination and balance.
  • Improves your breathing and air quality whilst cutting across the ocean winds.
  • Being an extreme sport, it triggers an adrenaline rush which is great for improving your psyche and wellbeing.
  • Builds more on your desire to explore – if you can do kite surfing you can try much more thrilling sports like sky diving.

Kite Surfing in Diani Beach

Considerations before going Kite Surfing.

  • Ensure there are neat tides, not too low, neither too high.
  • Check the status of the kite surfing gear, make sure it is in good condition before going into the waters.
  • If it’s your first time ensure you have a rescue plan even if you know how to swim.
  • In kite surfing, there is a popular phrase – Beware of old kites.

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