Diani has amazing deep-sea fishing service providers whose expertise and love for the sea has seen them attract tourists and anglers from across the globe.


A story is told in the Sufi Comics of a young fish that seeks to quench her intellectual curiosity by seeking answers to questions she didn’t understand. After a series of engagements with members of her family she couldn’t find any of them who could explain what water is, so she set sail to the deep seas where an old wise Octopus lived at the seabed, the wise octopus among other deep sea animals apparently held more knowledge and wisdom compared to the rest of the sea species – the little fish amused and bewildered by the splendor of deep seas never sailed back to shallow waters.


Deep Sea Fishing

Just like the little fish, anglers and thrill junkies world over agree there is no adventure like the deep sea, it is not only rich in sea life but also an avenue to an entirely different world, the sort of adventure that taps into your soul so much so you’ll always want to go back again and again just like you love grabbing those cups of coffee or lighting cigarettes and this of course is not a fair comparison, the ocean is more compelling.


Diani has amazing deep-sea fishing service providers whose expertise and love for the sea has seen them attract tourists and anglers from across the globe.


Deep Sea Fishing

Deep sea fishing also referred to as offshore fishing requires navigational charts, conducive weather, fishing gear and definitely overcoming water phobia. Once on the deep seas, fishing takes place at depths of at least 100ft (30m) – this is the only way you can catch game fish big enough to validate being in deep waters otherwise you’d just fish in shallow shore waters and flirt with the small fish. Fishing for adventure is relatively safe compared to commercial fishing which in some cases goes as deep as 2000 metres with extremely very heavy trawls that are pulled across the seabed which unfortunately has its environmental setbacks. 30 meters will exhilarate you just as much as it will shock you, deep sea wonders are infinite and that probably explains why the little fish never sought to return to shallow waters, only God knows of her survival.


The type of fish to anticipate catching includes Tuna, Sharks, Swordfish or Marlin among others. These species are weighty and at times could weigh more or less like a baby or teenager.

One thing I found interesting about deep-sea fishing is that, more often than not you will find anglers playing catch and release, to them this is just a thrill and adrenaline game hence they bring back to the shores only what they need and releasing the rest to the ocean.


Preparing for a deep-sea fishing excursion.

  • Align your tour with nature – ensure the weather is conducive, the sea tides and most importantly book with a local service provider who’s aware of the best sites for deep sea fishing which in most cases are near reefs, ships wrecks and such.
  • Carry sunscreen – being on a boat in the deep waters doesn’t shield you from sun rays.
  • Carry drinking water – you’re going to away from fresh water for a while.
  • It is good to be in the know regarding the laws – Kenya Wildlife and Service providers can help with this.
  • Get company – besides the service provider who is a must have, ensure you’re going with a team of other people. This is not only cost wise but also good in case of emergencies.
  • Get your fishing gear, floaters and any other safety equipment i.e Nitrox tanks in case you need to dive in.
  • Ensure your fishing gear is functional.


The actual fishing.

  • Listen to the guidance of your service provider.
  • Be patient – catching big game is like hitting on a beautiful girl, it can be hard or easy depending on who you ask.
  • Change bait often – fresh bait means better chances, also remember big fish won’t easily be enticed.
  • Seek support from colleagues when you catch fish, these fishes can be quite weighty and would need a few more men to bring up on the boat.
  • have fun, don’t be cowed by the vast waters.
  • Finally take lots of pictures and tag #dianitravel


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