“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well” and as such, Diani places her bid to the world of culinary arts. The food culture in Diani goes beyond feeding your stomach, it aims for your soul.


The evolution of culinary arts has contributed largely to humans adapting the culture of 3 meals a day. Centuries back, man lived on herbs and meat, a meal a day was the way of life but as time went by and with the evolution of human consumption came changes in the feeding culture, eating went beyond being a necessity to being a thing of fulfilment, it’s no brainer words like foodie were coined – millennial humans of today would shock their ancestors with what and how they eat.

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well” and as such, Diani places her bid to the world of culinary arts, as alluring as her nature, her food culture is not only Instagram worth but also the kind that gets your taste buds multiplying their reach to the core of your senses. The food culture in Diani goes beyond feeding your stomach, it aims for your soul.

Here is a list of Diani’s top restaurants you should visit whilst here.


1. Sails Beach Bar & Restaurant


Diani’s top 5 Favorite Restaurants

Picturesque at its finest, the architectural design of Sails is one of the most exquisite along the entire coast, Steel and Canvass combines to a fellowship with the beach sand and ocean waves dancing along with the swoosh sound of the sea breeze. Sundowners at Sails are experiences to the bucket list, worth every dime and second.

The Chef at Sails raises to the occasion, flaunting his skills with their seafood cuisine mostly made of Lobsters, Prawns, Snapper, Tuna amongst others. The most popular of meals at Sails are Tuna Carpaccio, Crispy Calamari, Zanzibar Snapper, Kilifi Oyster and Ginger Crab.

It is important to note that though seafood comes off as their speciality, Sails has a more on her Menu and it is always made to meet the grade in taste, nutrition and value.


2. Nomads Beach Bar & Restaurant


Diani’s top 5 Favorite Restaurants

Takes pride in being one of the facilities with the smoothest beachfront, Nomads Restaurant is true to the vibe of the beach and the spirit of the ocean, Being home to Diani’s sporting activities, Nomads enjoys a constant supply of seafood however their a la carte menu offers other fine dining options.

Nomads boast of a state of the art wine cellar housing both old and new wines from across the globe at the most magnificent conditions ensuring that their taste and quality remains as natural as it was. The wine cellar can be used to hold private events or small parties.

Nomads have cut a niche for itself attracting the kind of client that seeks utility, comfort and delightful wine and dine experiences. Evenings at Nomads are always sparkling with glamour and life, from their food to music, Nomads leaves no room for boredom.


3. Kokkos Cafe & Bistro


Diani’s top 5 Favorite Restaurants

Kokkos has breathed life to Diani in a way no other restaurant before it did. Brewers of the finest coffees in Diani, bakers of lip-smacking cakes and above all located strategically at the centre of Diani Beach opposite Baharini Plaza which makes it easily accessible by both car and foot.

Kokkos has a wide menu and serves highly palatable meals, it is hard to pick one however on my taste buds, no one across the country makes better eggs benedict than Kokkos, you should try it.


4.  Leonardos Restaurant


Diani’s top 5 Favorite Restaurants

Italian Cuisine capital of Diani, Leonardos is as dapper in design and set up as Italian apparel is.

Leonardos has always been perfect for lovers and dates, its Italian nature sets the ambience for affection which coupled with their meals becomes the ultimate plug.

Their menu goes beyond pizza and pasta which normally are the widely known Italian meals, Leonardos will introduce you to wine and dine experience so unique and custom in ways no other restaurant will.


5. Piripiries Bar & Restaurant


Diani’s top 5 Favorite Restaurants

Located at Diani Beach Shopping Center, Piripiries is one of the restaurants well Designed for families and groups, full of activities and love, this is where you go when you want to combine you dining with an activity i.e. pool game, Tennis.

Often Piripiries hosts movie nights, quiz nights and at times talks on different subjects. This events always pull a lovely crowd from all walks of life and as such is one of the best for networking.

Food and drinks at Piripiries are as great as it comes.

Other great restaurants worth a mention in Diani include.

  • Shashin -ka the Japanese Restaurant.
  • Havana Bar & Restaurant
  • Jolly pizzeria
  • Tikki Bar

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