From Culinary & music festivals to holiday events and everything in between, discover the most exciting upcoming events in Diani between now and December 2020.


“Oh man! I can’t get enough of Diani, she is like lust, always good for the moment but never gets enough of her” said Mansa to his long-time guide Aisha now turned friend as she picked him up from the Diani airstrip.

“But Mansa, you’ve been across the globe, seen a lot of other beautiful destinations worth their weight in gold?” Aisha retorted with an amused look.

Mansa looks around as if he’s seeing the dream in flesh, and realizes at that moment no amount of words would make Aisha understand what Diani meant to him, can’t she see it? He wondered.

To Mansa Diani is the queen of Africa tourist destinations, jewel of the continent and with her comes love, eroticism, spice, fine sandy beaches, poetry, music and so much more but most importantly Mansa always looked forward to the events Diani held, always full of life and love, the kind that prints memories to your heart.

So, here are some of the most popular and public events & festivals you should look out for in Diani, this list is not comprehensive as there is a good number of extremely exciting events that are not open for everyone.


The Nomad Food Festival


The Nomad Food Festival

Hosted by the Nomad at the Sands Beach Bar & Restaurant, the food festival brings together the best restaurants in Diani to showcase their culinary prowess. And as for the guests, all you need to bring is some cash and your taste buds.

The event is scheduled for 23rd November 2019 from 1300hrs to 2100hrs. Participating restaurants are; Flamboyant, Havvana, Tikibar, Jolly Bar Pizzeria, Rock Star Grill, Eco – Smoothie Juice Bar, Smokin Grills, and Pita Pan.


Diani Boxing Night


Despite being such a great destination, Diani never quenches her desire to leave you with her soul. Starting December Diani will be hosting an East Africa’s modern-day version of the spartan arena, a boxing night where the most ruthless boxers of East Africa flex on each other.

The boxing event is brought to you by the Diani Boxing Club & sponsored by the Bidi Badu Group.


Diani Beach Festival


Diani Beach Festival

Over the peak of the festive season in December and New Year’s Eve, nothing lights Diani better than the Diani Beach Festival which brings together great music, wine & dine and people from across the globe together.

The festival will reset all your past new year eve parties’ memories and write new ones, as they say, “if you’ve been there, you’ll know if you haven’t, there is only one way to find out – be there” Diani beach festival  is organized and hosted by the Diani Beach Club.


The Goat Derby


Have you ever seen a goat race? Diani’s goat derby is an annual event organized by the East Africa Women’s league and held at the Leisure Golf Club. Sometimes the event is graced with more than just a goat race, sometimes a fashion show of the best-dressed lady and gentleman, sometimes a skydive and Concours d ‘elegance parading vintage cars.

The Goat derby has never failed short of great company and worthy times. The derby happens in October.


Diani Rules


Diani Rules

Diani is a generous destination; this is another of the great and charity events that go down in Diani. Diani Rules brings together different teams, both private and corporate and spectators to participate in various engaging games, the next one will be held on May 29th to 31st 2020.

Diani Rules presents a perfect opportunity for not only holidaymakers but also corporate entities looking to team build great opportunities to have fun and network.



Diani Beach Touch Rugby


Rugby by the beach – the event is currently suspended but as we wait for its comeback we will highlight it here as one of the sports events that contribute to making Diani the magnificent Queen she is. The event brought teams from East Africa and sometimes army sides of East Africa.

The Annual Diani Beach Ngalawa Regatta


The Annual Diani Beach Ngalawa Regatta

 One of its kind, Diani Regatta showcases the local fishermen culture. On their canoes are also known as the ngalawas the fishermen race – flaunting their skills in maneuvering the ocean and its waves.

This event not only showcases traditional culture but also helps the fishermen acquire tools to enhance their trade and support families, which is beside the huge market of spectators that locals access to market and sell their products.



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