Take a trip through the skies above to the waters below, the sight of dolphins & turtles, the schools of colorful fish, the amazing culture and beach activities and much more.


1. Kenya’s Diani Beach 


Shot on Gopro Hero 7, Drone: Dji Mavic Pro 2, Panasonic GX80 and iPhone XS max

By Roman Č

By far the best and latest video of Diani Beach. This video was shot by Roman C  during his 12 days trip to Diani. The video takes you through a surreal journey of everything that Diani has to offers from gorgeous sea resorts to beach-side activities. Take a peek through the scorching Diani beach, sailing on traditional boats, a trip to the sandbank, kiteboarding activities, dolphin tours, diving, beach art and a lot more.

2. Diani Beach Eagle’s View


Epic 4K Drone Shots DJ MAVIC PRO 2 by   Roman Č

This video shows the amazing stretches of Diani Beach from the skies up there (Eagle’s view). The spectacular video was shot with an Epic 4K Drone and the result is clear and unobstructed views of the forests, resorts, reef, water sports and the beach below. 

3. Diani Sea resort


Diani sea resort is one of the most sought after hotels in Diani Beach. Located directly along Diani Beach, 30 km south of Mombasa occupying upto 4.5 acres of land with plenty of space for 170 rooms. This video takes you through a one minute tour of the seascapes, the aerial views of the hotels and beachside activities right along the hotel’s beach-side.

4. The Sands at Nomad – Diani Beach – 2019


Nestled into 26 Acres of pristine coastal forest, The Sands at Nomad Boutique Resort offers

you the ultimate beach getaway. The Sands at Nomad steps away from the traditional block hotel concept, into an atmosphere of space, freedom and personal care. A combination of discretion, tranquillity, and warmth with the privilege of Kenya’s best beach and the leading beach destination of Africa. This video gives you a glimpse of all that it offers.

5. The Sands at Chale Island

The Sands at Chale Island from Dr. Kenya on Vimeo.

This video is a bit older than the rest as it was shot in 2015 but its quality is not going out of fashion anytime too soon. Featuring indigenous forests and magnificent sea views, the videos showcase the beauty that is the Sands at Chale Island, one of the most exclusive beach resorts destinations in Africa.

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