When traveling on a budget, there are some activities you can actually enjoy almost free in Diani.

From excursions to ocean safaris, Diani beach has all manner of things to do depending on your taste and preferences. Some of the most popular activities include dhow sailing, surfing, sports fishing, excursions and a bit of culture and dining. Most of these experiences on average will take you back about $50 for each person. Nevertheless, there are some activities you can actually enjoy almost free in Diani.

It goes without saying that we’re using the word “free” very carefully. Naturally, nothing in this world is entirely free, but if you are strapped for cash but still need to have a good time, below are a few ideas that will cost you little to nothing to experience them.


1. Visit the Kongo Mosque 


The Best (Almost) Free Things to Do in Diani


One of the best places to visit in Diani beach is Kongo Mosque. The mosque was previously known as Diani Persian Mosque. It was built by Arab traders in the 14 century as a place of worship for the Muslim community. Up to this day, there are regular meetings of Muslims gathering for prayers. You can view Kongo Mosque heritage from outside, however, you will not be allowed to walk in. The mosque is set in a spectacular garden full of huge Baobab trees and the view on Kongo river towards the Indian ocean makes it even more worthwhile.

2. Chale Island viewpoint


The Best (Almost) Free Things to Do in Diani


Towards the southern end of Diani, lies one of Africa’s most romantic islands – Chale Island. The spectacular view of the Island over the mangroves is absolutely gorgeous and picturesque.  So, for whatever reason, if you find yourself at the Southern end of Diani, be sure to soak this view as much as possible and even take some photos to spruce your experience & keep memories. 

3. Enjoy live music at  Kim4Love in Diani


The Best (Almost) Free Things to Do in Diani


Situated along the exotic white sands of Diani along Diani Beach Road, Kim4love fans club is a relaxed live-music hub set overlooking the beach. It boasts a restaurant, bar full of refreshing, cool drinks and a large outdoor stage. Kim4love is an African Rock Reggae/Cover artist who performs and also runs Kim4love fans club. A lot of great music, acrobats, dancers, kids competitions and much more is waiting for you every weekend. Go on listen to some live music, have a cold tusker and re-charge yourself with good energy and love. 

4. Visit Diani Art Gallery Exhibitions


The Best (Almost) Free Things to Do in Diani


If you fancy African art, history & culture, then Diani Beach Art Gallery located in Diani Shopping Centre is a must-visit gem. The Art Gallery is the first and only art venture of its kind in Kenya’s South Coast. You will find a great variety of Fine African Art by artists from all over Africa. See some of the best paintings, sculptures and object art and learn about art or even visit a workshop. Diani Art Gallery is opened from Monday to Saturday. The opening hours are from 09:00-17:00. On the program are regular art exhibitions with the presence of the artists.

5. A picnic to Shimba Hills and spot elephants


The Best (Almost) Free Things to Do in Diani


Shimba Hills is the second-largest coastal forest in East Africa after Arabuko-Sokoke. The national reserve has rich wildlife and many wonderful sights with a view for picnics. All these sights are accessible free of charge which means you don’t really have to enter the park to have a good time or to spot some elephants. Take a stroll through the hills, view local villages and with a bit of luck even spot some elephants roaming in the park! If you decide to enter also the park there is a small charge of  KES. 300 for the locals and upto $22 for the Non-residents.

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