Diani is the ultimate travel plug, whether you are here for 48 hours or a month, Diani will offer you a lifetime worth experience, a reason to always come back.


The festive seasons are here with us and as such trips are to be made, people are to be met, new adventures are to be explored, unwinding has to be done and while at it revitalize for the coming year, so many destinations, so little time, right? Worry not, Africa’s leading beach destination, Diani is the ultimate travel plug, whether you are here for 48 hours or a month, Diani will offer you a lifetime worth experience, a reason to always come back. So here is a 48-hour itinerary for you in Diani,


Water Sports in Diani

When the water hits your skin it will be a combination of adrenaline, relaxation, adventure. The thing about water sports is they are as freaking as they are enjoyable. I have always loved how poise the waters are considering they have been here since time immemorial, they’ve traveled across the globe, they’re home to over a million species, they have seen it all yet they lay there gracefully awaiting to quench your desire for adventure, submitting all their power to your desires.

Whether you wish to Scuba Dive, Kite Surf or Jet Ski,  Diani has it all. And with the support of well trained and experienced divers, you can explore the amusement that the ocean is and there are no better beaches to do that than in Diani. For more details on services providers kindly click here (link to a page on service providers)


Sport Fishing

Unlike other hunting expeditions,  the beauty and joy of sport fishing lie in the act more than in the eating of catch, that’s why in most cases the fish is returned to the ocean and the game continues. As Ted Hughes once said, “it is a form of meditation, some form of communion with levels of yourself that are deeper than the ordinary self” More like reaching for your soul with the bait whilst transferring the risk of death to the fish and the powers of giving it back its life to your conscience.


Diani has played host to some of the biggest sporting expeditions bringing people from all walks of life to participate and this due to the beauty of its waters and the myriad of sea creatures available for catching. These waters will introduce to the most beautiful and ugliest sea creatures.


 Health & fitness

Holidays and vacays aren’t for adventure alone, they are the best of times to revitalize and energize one’s body tapping into all the energy one can mass for the next cycle of hustle. Diani boosts of the finest spas offering top quality services from skin treatment to deep tissue therapy. This will enable you to relax your body tissues and muscles releasing the tension that is held by muscles which in most cases causes fatigue hence limiting human productivity.


Arts & culture


Art and culture personify tradition, memories, ideas giving them the gift of timeliness to live beyond those who created them, The arts and culture space in Diani gives life and meaning to what words couldn’t express, some sought of communication that finds its way to the soul.

A walk through Diani will have you experience the arts and culture of Diani and beyond as this destination is home to different cultures. The Diani Art Gallery and the Inua Creative Hub both located strategically along the Diani Beach road provide organized platforms for both artists and tourists to explore each other, for lovers of art these are a must-visit.


Local Bike Tours

One of the most cost-effective ways of exploring Diani is through bike rides, Diani has several service providers who offer quads, bicycles, and motorbikes complete with local guides who will give you a tour of Diani taking from the beachside to the villages where there is a whole different experience from the beach.


Go shopping


Located along the Daini Beach road, Diani Beach Shopping Centre and the Baharini Plaza combined host over 40 tourist shops and restaurants offering the finest of products, services, and food. With over 40 shops their nothing Diani has to offer that you won’t get between these two shopping centers.



Diani has a bed capacity of over 5000 units, you will never lack a great place to stay in Diani, from backpackers hostel, self-catering cottages/apartments to 5-star hotels Diani has it all. It is hard to pick a few accommodation providers for this article as there is plenty of worthwhile in every category as you can see here.

However, these are few that stand out.

Top Hotels in Diani

  • Kaskazi Beach Hotel – One of the most affordable hotels with access to the beach, great food and amenities as well.
  • Water lovers – one of the finest boutique hotels in Diani, so luxurious yet so intertwined in nature, this is the perfect hotel for lovers of water, nature, and luxury.
  • Swahili Beach Hotel – Swahili beach hotel embodies the Swahili culture and art in its design and hospitality, Swahili beach is the best way to explore Swahili art in Diani.
  • Mangro Hotel – perfect for those who love spacious rooms and at fair rates as well. Mangro hotel staff will have you thinking they are family, they have a way of making you have a feeling of belonging.

Top Self Catering Accommodation in Diani

  • Amani Luxury – Amani luxury apartments are 2 bedroom units, a perfect place for hideouts combining exclusivity and comfort.
  • The Zubeida – Other than the outstanding design and ambience that The Zubeida is, it remains to be one of the cleanest accommodation providers in Diani, besides that it is by the beach.
  • Wayside Apartments – Wayside offers the ideal accommodation for the lovers of life, strategically located between Diani’s shopping centers and the beach. Very secure and can be accessed at any time of the day/night.


Best Guest Houses in Diani

  • Gift Apartments – Great location, very hygienic and fairly priced.



  • Havanna – This restaurant combines the beauty of Diani and with the vibe of Cuba, always great taste in music and staff.
  • Kokkos – Kokkos must have one of the finest chefs in Diani, there is never a meal at Kokkos that doesn’t entice your taste buds.
  • Piripiries – this is the place you hang out with friends, Piripiries gives life to get-togethers through their space which is designed for activities from pool games to tables conducive for poker/chess name it.


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